Forest Pilots w) Northern Royals & Thrill Thrill

The Cavern, 112 Osborne Street, Winnipeg

THRILL THRILL Thrill Thrill is going to take you on a ride. The four piece band lifts off from Winnipeg Manitoba. Through tightly crafted songs, spunky tempos, and dizzy narratives, the band smashes the senses while restoring the faith in the music and the lifestyle. These friends who started as fans of each-others previous musical projects, quickly forged a unique sound, blending modern pop sensibilities with classic tones and grooves. Fresh out of the oven, but not without swagger, this baby can walk, talk, dance, and sing.

NORTHERN ROYALS With their unique combination of small-town roots and big city sound, Winnipeg alt-rockers Northern Royals have come to conquer your radio, your streaming service, and your local stage. With a new crop of hard-hitting, thought-provoking songs and an upcoming EP produced by an industry legend, the band has its sights set on mainstream success.

FOREST PILOTS Forest Pilots is as loud as they are thought provoking. Best described as adaptable, their playing style quickly shifts between heavy, metal influenced riffs, to mellow and spacious psychedelia. The young progressive rock trio consists of: Troy Graham (Percussion/Samples/Vocals), John Pelland (Bass Guitar), and Tanner Stregger (Guitar/Synthesizer/Lead Vocals). All three members grew up in the south end of Winnipeg MB, and have a history of musical endeavors. They share an intense and passionate drive to spread awareness and tell stories through music.